Sunday, April 7, 2013

Longing for civility

I was surfing the net today and saw the story of Pastor Rick Warren's son who committed suicide a couple days ago.  An unimaginable loss for the family.  His son Matthew was 27.  Reading the story, it told of how Matthew suffered from mental illness and after years of treatment, he decided to end his life.  A tragic story for any family.  What saddened me was the comments I read from people.  Going out to several different sources and going to the comments sections, I was taken aback by the incredibly callous and uncivil comments some people left!  What has this world come to?

It seems that with some people in this world, it has gone to a point where if you disagree with someone, there is no middle ground.  This is so far beyond my comprehension that I struggle to understand it.  There are many people in the political realm that I strongly disagree with, but I am still civil enough to have compassion and empathy for someone who is suffering.  I cannot fathom ever thinking "Good, they had it coming". 

I pray that this world changes.  Can't we see each other as we are?  Fellow human beings going through a stage on this planet together.  You don't have to believe as I do, but can't we just get along?  Agree to disagree?

I long for civility.

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  1. Larry, I agree 100%!
    I have been saying for a while that in the America that I grew up in, a saying that I had heard my whole life went like this, "Although I may not agree with what you say, I would defend with my life your right to say it". This has been replaced with an attitude that seems to say that if you don't agree with me, then you are surely an idiot and you really don't deserve respect or dare I say, even life!

    I don't know how we got here or how we can change this, but I refuse to participate in these type of discussions.